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Discern God's plan for your family with the help

of Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System


Optimize your cycle health by charting with Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System


Preconception nutrition, the gift that keeps on giving!



I encourage women to ovulate!  I teach women and couples the ovulation cycle to know times of fertility and infertility to avoid or achieve pregnancy and to monitor their health. My mission is for you to know just how wonderfully made you are. Whether your goal is to avoid or achieve pregnancy or map your your cycle, I can help you identify a healthy path for you. 


I love doing this work because I believe it is every woman’s birthright to know her body, understand what it is telling her and it is a couple’s right to make informed decisions about their combined fertility.  I love that I can do this work from home, with my own circus running of 4 boys around behind me and the pour over coffee is always about 10 feet away. 


I serve both men and women in learning about the ovulation cycle and nutrition to support optimal health and I support the families that grow as a result of it.  I will never tell you if a day is “safe” or if you are “risking it” or call an unplanned pregnancy an “oopsie”.  You will always be making informed decisions when you work with me and I affirm and support your fertility at all times no matter your goal. 

I would love to serve you and your family in this time of growth.  Contact me and let’s chat!





I've worked with Liz for over a year now and she has been indispensable to me in learning the Creighton method.  From the get-go she was encouraging, cheerful, competent, responsive and thorough!  I highly recommend her for your family planning needs!

Joan Claire Gilbert

Liz made me believe that I could not only be healthy, but also that the journey there would be flavorful! She is tremendously patient with people like me who could never do this alone. Thanks Liz! 

Taniele Tucker

Liz has been an incredible resource for us in preparation for our marriage.  She is a subject matter expert, always professional, and is an exceptional teacher of the concepts and practical application of NFP.  My wife and I are very comfortable applying NFP because of Liz's instruction.

David Tisler

Liz's knowledge and expertise has been essential to me in helping me start NFP in collaboration with my naturopath in order to correctly track my hormones to treat symptoms of PMS. Thank you Liz!

Katie Borthwick

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