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It's more than just food.

Navigating the world of eating well is marked with more than just finding the right foods or what fits within your allowed calorie bubble.  I will talk through lifestyle changes, food choices, navigating the social impacts of changing the way you eat, and creating lasting habits for a healthy life.  


not restriction.

Have you tried calorie restriction, "superfoods", supplement plans, elimination diets or swearing off "bad foods"? Is that still working for you?  Chances are it is not.

You don't need to change.

I operate from the belief that you were created perfectly the way you are, your temperament, tendency and personality are all beautiful and exactly YOU.  Sometimes you need to make a change in your life, course-correct and go a new way, but I am not interested in having you change yourself.

Food is social.

Changing the way you eat and what you put in your body can impact your social life.  People might cringe at the thought of a "fad diet" or what skipping gluten would do to their Thanksgiving, lunch breaks, happy hour, and birthday parties.  Change is hard and I take the social impact of eating very seriously.  I will talk through all potential changes and how to incorporate them into your life. 


I like food.

I am a Functional Nutritional Therapy practitioner and I can't wait to work with you on your health journey.  I can help you discover what nutrients your body wants and help you make a plan of how to get them in your diet while still loving the food you're eating.  No one way of eating works for everyone, I'd love to help you find what works for you. 

The Five Foundations of health +


Breaking down and absorbing your food is the first step to healing.  If you want to get great nutrients, make sure you are digesting.

Sugar Handling

How your body responds to food via blood sugar is a determining factor in how quickly your body will heal.


More than just drinking enough water, keeping our bodies hydrated will keep all systems going.

Essential Fatty Acid Balance

Inflammation is something many people battle.  Essential fatty acids help the body manage the inflammatory response to keep the body in healing mode.

Mineral Status

Have you heard, "You are dust and to dust you will return"?  It's true, you are dust.  It all boils down to minerals.  Nourishing the body means all mineral stores will be in balance, this is what we strive for.

+ Healthy Lifestyle

It's more than just food and monitoring the function of the body.  If stress, addiction, depression, anxiety, toxic environments or products are a part of your life, your health will decline. Finding that healthy life balance is key.

All in yet?

It starts with a Why.

Why do you want to make a change? For future health, fertility, mobility, lifting the fog, being there for the ones you love, just respect for your body?  Dig deep and find your why, then contact me.

The next step is a meeting.

We meet for the Initial Nutrition Consultation (2 hours) where we go over health history, a Nutri-Q Assessment, Food and Feelings Journal and I get to hear your story. 

Then we make a plan.

After our initial meeting, I make a personalized detailed plan for you to follow for the next 2 months.  I take into account your current lifestyle and comfort level while still encouraging growth.

You try this new thing out.

I will check in with you periodically to see how things are going.  Every 2 months we will do another Nutri-Q Assessment and 1 hour meeting to talk through any changes that are working and the ones that aren't.  This process lasts 6 months.

You decide.

After 6 months, I can update your plan on an as-needed basis.  The goal of our work is to empower you to tune into your body's needs and tell me what you want. You will know if you need more!

Let's do this thing!

Siena Wellness Plan


for 6 months

Initial Nutrition Consultation (2 hours)        


Your Personalized Wellness Plan               


1 Hour Long Follow Up x 2


After 6 Months, Follow Ups

as needed                      





 Payment Plan


for 6 months

One Time




Still have questions?


Let' be

pen pals!

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Check out the Siena Fertility + Wellness Blog for all the facts on NFP, Fertility Awareness, Nourishment, Healing and awesomeness!

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