It feels good to feel good.

Nourish your body well to feel your best before pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood.

Have peace with your fertility. 

Monitor your fertility ahead of time and fully appreciate the gift of your fertility before conception.

Be fruitful.

By loving and caring for the body God gave you and honoring your combined fertility as a couple you will be fruitful. Pregnancy or not.


Let's get ready for pregnancy!

Preconception nutrition is one of my favorite areas of focus because it is the greatest gift you can give your children and generations to come.


I recommend using Creighton Model FertilityCare System to track your fertile window, monitor hormones and then time conception.  At the same time, prepare your body by following either Feed Your Fertile Body™ guided by me.


You can set the stage for a beautiful pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

Feed Your Fertile Body™

A Six Module Program

Guided by Me.

What you get:

6:1 hour long individual meetings with me on zoom and

a physical copy of Feed Your Fertile Body™ Workbook which includes:

  • All 6 Modules

  • Lifestyle Handouts

  • Nutrient Dense Real Food Chart

  • Cookbook

  • Resources for further learning

For 6 weeks or whatever pace works for you, we will cover the basics of real food nutrition that promotes fertility in both men and women.

Let's Do This Thing

Feed Your Fertile Body™


6 Module Program

Private Intro to Feed Your Fertile Body™


Feed Your Fertile Body™ Workbook


1 Hour Module Meetings with me

$60 x 5


for 5 months



Feed Your Fertile Body™

+ Creighton Model


for one year

Private Introductory Session


Starter Supplies


1 Hour Follow Up

Unlimited 1 Year


for 6 months



It starts with a Why.

There are many benefits to preparing nutritionally for pregnancy.  You are giving yourself a good foundation to grow from and giving your future children a good place to grow.

The next step is a meeting.

We meet on Zoom for the First Module of Feed Your Fertile Body.  I introduce the program and you get started on your workbook.    

Then we follow up.

After our initial meeting, we continue to meet for 6 meetings, 1 for each module of the program.  We discuss how it's going so far and I introduce the next module.  

You find inspiration!

As you go through the program, you may find you like new foods or it's fun to eat healthy.  You may even start to see the added benefit of charting your cycle along with this process. It's fun to see what inspires people on this program!

You move forward.

People usually finish the program in about 6 weeks to 6 months.  After that time, they have a better understanding of their fertility and how to go about preparing healthy foods for their family.


Still have questions?


Let's be 

pen pals!

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